Left Alive (PC)

Left Alive (PC) Alpha Trailer from Pepito Go on Vimeo.

File: leftalive_alpha.zip | Build: Alpha | Size: 282 MB

Left Alive (PC) is a mini survival horror escape game developed in Unity3D. Isaac Barnes wakes up in “The Shrift.” A private prison facility that has recently encountered a paranormal event that the player must work to solve in order to escape. It is an exploration in the psychology behind fear and what triggers us to create them. Sometimes there is nothing there. But we believe there is. Our eyes play tricks, the shadows tell stories, and our peripheral vision betrays us. The player must find clues, and solve puzzles in order to find his way out.


  • Single player narrative driven game play
  • Find clues and solve puzzles
  • Navigate a large labyrinth-like prison
  • Face your biggest psychological and metaphysical fears
  • Conserve flashlight power, pick up items to help you


Game Design & Story

Pepito Go


Pepito Go


Monica Prunier

Concept Art

Mickie Camua

Environment Artist

Jey Garcia

Special Thanks

Johnnie Estill

Brent Farris