Loons & Braysax (Mobile)

Build, Create in Harmony


Mobile / 2-4 Players

In the wonderful & harmonious land of Guardia, two kingdoms thrived: The Loons & Braysax. Both kingdoms had enjoyed an extended period of peaceful coexistence with the usual conflict and resolution; They were also equally gifted in song but never once joined together in song. Until one day a mysterious meteorite had crashed into the kingdom of Braysax leaving the land in ruin.

The meteorite brought with it an unknown energy that had coursed through the Loons, resulting in the people of Loon having incredible magical gifts. King Braysax III accused King Loon of a conspiracy to rid the land of the Braysax. In an effort to find peaceful resolution, King Loon extended an olive branch. The Loons would use their magical gifts to help rebuild the kingdom of Braysax.


There are 2 game modes: Co-op (2 PLAYERS) | Party (4 PLAYERS)

The difficulty of the gameplay is decided on how many players are playing. The objective of each level is to build out the blueprint/schematic presented to the players. Each player will select Loon or Braysax. The Braysax have uncanny strength and endurance while the Loon possess incredible magic. Loons can levitate shapes, objects and toons up and down; Braysax can move shapes and objects right and left and rotate them. Players must work cooperatively to build out the blueprint/schematic of each level.


They will be timed and rewards will be given based on the time taken to complete each level. The difficulty will increase the further they progress. Some blueprints will be incomplete leaving the players to decide which shapes or objects would be most optimal. At the end of the level aside from time, the building is tested for structural integrity. The more sturdy the design – the more points can be earned by the players. Party will involve larger buildings and more difficult blueprints. While they are timed on activities, the players will have a maximum time allowed to complete each level.


Once the blueprint has been completed the 2-4 players must work together to fortify the building against the elements. To do this they must utilize their inherent gifts of song and harmonize together. Creating the perfect melody will strengthen the bond of the magic holding the building together and complete the level 100%. The melodies will be a randomized 3 note to 6 note progression. Each player will find the right musical note and all notes together will create a beautiful harmony.



The player is presented with the option to choose a Loon or Braysax. Once the option is selected they will get to choose: hair color, facial hair, and accessory.

The player then takes their toon online so they can create a game, specify its level number / game mode and advertise their game in a lobby. The game will show up on anyone’s mobile device connected to the same WiFi network or can be found by searching for games in the lobby. You can create multiple toons.


A player’s toon earns XP the more buildings it completes and will level up gradually. Cosmetic slots will unlock with each level tier obtained.

i.e. Level 5 unlocks an arm accessory slot

i.e. Level 10 unlocks a necklace accessory slot

The level can also be used to access better cosmetic items and accessories for your Loon/Braysax.