The Fate of Valenwood

Hi guys, I know that it’s been a long time coming and the mod was already set to be in beta this passed January/February but that didn’t play out as I had hoped. The truth of the matter is that we’ve hit a road block in terms of development. The way the Creation Kit works, we are at this point unable to bring custom meshes into engine without going through some major loops and holes which require time and effort. And the reality is, we have been called away to work on another project at the moment which is an original game.

However, Journey to Valenwood is in no way halted or cancelled as I still do plan to bring this world to you guys this year. We’ve actually been working with someone from Bethesda to get our Tree Cities implemented into engine but that kind of work isn’t easy even IF you’ve got an in. I guarantee you though, if we had released Valenwood with tree cities implemented the usual way, you would not be able to traverse or climb the trees and explore. We want this to be as quality as the rest of Skyrim and something we can be proud of. The writing, lore and dialogue also has to be accurate. We’re trying not to rush something out to you guys for the infamy. We want to complete something quality and give you guys a finished product.

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5 thoughts on “The Fate of Valenwood

  1. You know at Dark creations there are people who cant help you port your structures into the creation kit engine. I know that you have written there before, but if you go back you can ask some members if they could port them for you.

  2. So its been almost 9 months since I last commented on the progress of this mod and since then we haven’t gotten any news or updates on its progress. Am I wasting my time checking up on a dead cause? Will this mod ever be finished? Will it be worth the wait?

  3. Fuck YEA, as a fan of “A Dance in Fire”. I can’t stress this out enought, KEEP ON THE GOOD WORK!! =)

    yea….it’s been a little late, FUCK ESO ;P