The Last Of Us (PS3) Review

This review is going to be short and sweet, because I simply cannot find enough words to express how enthralled and impressed I am with Naughty Dog’s latest game.

Naughty Dog’s latest venture into the single player arena is a work of art. They truly deliver when it comes to varied experience, traveling from ruins, to scaping vistas, to winter wonderlands. The game is beautiful. It’s difficult to imagine this game is on the PS3 after experiencing the technical achievements of the PS4 at this past E3 2013.

As far as gameplay is concerned, which as a game designer should be my biggest critique: there is a few hiccups but quite frankly I think it came down to just preference. The aiming was a little wonky but that went away as soon as I got used to it; and so isn’t everything a bit janky until you get used to it? The ability to craft certain useful items in real time without any inventory or pause screen that takes you away from the game was a huge plus for me. I’ve always loved real time action. No one has time to pause real life and drink an Elixir of Health before dying! The game rewards patience and rightly so. You will not be going rambo on this one. And as it rewards patience, it will punish impatience as you rush into any situation half assed, you will get your ass handed to you.

A true measure of gaming’s finest writing, acting and technical prowess that comes together in a breathtaking journey that every gamer needs to experience. Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson deliver a performance worthy of whatever awards voice actors get. This is the first time in my gaming lifetime that I have truly cared for video game characters. The Last Of Us is an experience that goes beyond any post apocalyptic survival; survival horror archetypes. It is a compelling piece on nurturing relationships and cultivating humanity’s purer, more beautiful forms. I’m confident, the next journey that Naughty Dog takes us on will be just as good: Best Developer of the Decade in my book.

Gameplay 9

Story 10

Presentation 10

Overall 9.6

If you’d like to witness my struggles throughout the whole game you can watch my archived footage of my live stream of the game! – Part 1/3 – Part 2/3 – Part 3/3

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