Update on Journey to Valenwood, Dragon Warrior

Journey to Valenwood

Hi guys! I suppose I owe each and every one of you – whom have shown interest and continued support of this mod – a huge update. As of now, Journey to Valenwood is on hold. Development started about 6 months ago on an indie title that for obvious reasons remains unannounced and undisclosed. Work on this project caused Journey to Valenwood to enter an indefinite period of hiatus. I want to assure anyone who has shown great interest and support for this mod, that it will see the light of day. Since entering hiatus, I’ve also had a chance to glimpse at Valenwood through the eyes of ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE. This will cause many changes to occur to the original landscape and layout of Valenwood as I had it planned out. This of course, making for a more lore-friendly and accurate depiction of the land. Again, this mod has not been cancelled. It will come.

Dragon Warrior

Progress has been slow but steady as she goes on this antiquated anime series. If you’ve been following the YouTube channel, you will know that I’ve reached Level/Episode 16 of the series, which is 3 more episodes than what we were treated to when the series first reached US shores.

RAWs have been acquired for the rest of the series, and Episode 17 is on its way! With the rest of the series to follow suit as I get time to work on them. But I wanted to update everybody on this so you all know!

Also, Happy Belated New Year guys lol


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12 thoughts on “Update on Journey to Valenwood, Dragon Warrior

  1. I can’t wait for this to start!!!! I hope i can help in any way, but i am in junior high, so it will be limited. I can help with 3D landscaping, I hope I can help in moving forward with the project!

  2. On hold? Yeah right. This mod is dead and you know it. That’s what happens to all mods that get put on hold and they are automaticaly forgotten and replaced with something new. It’s a pity, I reall liked this mod and looked forward to it…

  3. Will you continue on Dragon Warrior and when it’s coming the next episode or would you send does previously from ANBU? Thanks for staying on this project so far as well

  4. Looking forward to that Dragon Quest. I seriously appreciate your efforts so far with the series. I see you make Morrowind mods too, that’s really cool, it’s cool mods are STILL being made for this game. In a sense I guess that’s proof of how good it is.

  5. It really seems that stopped… won’t blame you for not continuing or tried make something by yourself and respect as well the decision to drop. Just don’t quite understand what made you have this call