[UDPATED] Journey to Valenwood Release Schedule

Hi guys!

Happy Holidays! So for anyone who has been following this mod you probably already know that it’s been awhile since our last update, which is common in the industry considering how much work is required for a mod of this scale. So here’s an update on what’s going on with Journey to Valenwood

As you probably already know or don’t know – whichever crowd you’re with – most of the people working on this mod, myself included, split time between school and work and projects like this. So, it’s almost always given that the workflow won’t always be on schedule. With that said, the city of Arenthia which lies in Northern Valenwood outside of Crodillic Woods is about 90% complete. As you all know, this is a task much more complicated than others because it requires a lot of custom assets including a wondrous¬†explorable¬†tree-city. That is correct. It is a city within a tree that is much more complex than a typical tree-house. Aside from the actual tree is the building of it’s infrastructure. You will be able to climb this tree and visit patrons and residence of this tree as if you were visiting Valenwood. Just think of it as a small example of what Falinesti, the migrating tree would be like. Only we’re looking to give you guys that experience on a more intimate level considering this city does not migrate. Hopefully if everything goes well; the mod should be on track for a December 25th release. That’s right, a Christmas present to the Elder Scrolls community.

Again, happy holidays and hopefully you are all enjoying the company of family and will soon be enjoying the company and hospitality of the Bosmer and their homeland.

[UPDATE] Well, it was probably foreseen as their hasn’t been very many updates. But here is the updated release schedule. The tree city of Arenthia is almost complete. And with impending holidays it was only expected that delays would occur ( who thought we’d all be very busy during christmas lol ) .. but as of now Journey to Valenwood is slated for a January 1st, New Year’s Day release, instead of Christmas. Thanks for all the support and patience guys!

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