Dragon Warrior (1989)

Hi guys! This is a post gauging the amount of interest in this series. I’ve recently come across the Japanese DVD of this entire series and in 1989, 13 episodes were licensed and dubbed by Saban Entertainment. This left the entire series unfinished for many young children, myself included. Now that this DVD is in my possession, I can start translating it and adding subtitles to it. My question to you guys is, would this be something anyone is interested in? I’m not looking for mass demand, I’m looking for someone else who would like a piece of anime history. This way, instead of watching it for myself, I can sub it and release the series as a fansub for everyone to see. Here is the link to the TV SERIES if you are unfamiliar with it or just need a refresher. Leave it in the comments if you’d want a copy of this series subbed.

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  1. There are many anime sites you can post the finished subbed episodes too and also fansite’s forums where I am sure you can get a warm reception! Oh and the Mod for Skyrim looks awesome but too bad I do not have the PC version.

    1. If you visit our youtube channel, you can find the episodes will be posted there, and I will release the batch torrent of the entire series on several trackers when the series is complete. But if you want to follow along episode by episode, those will be postedon youtube.

  2. Oh, heck yes!! I’ve been following ANBU’s releases but they haven’t had anything in about 2 years. Anything you could provide would be awesome. Daisy after 23 years, is still one of my fave characters of all time.

  3. BTW, that was really more of a challenge than speculation about your determination. On behalf of all Dragon Warrior/Quest fans in the US, thank you for continuing this.

  4. YES PLEASE I would like a copy of this show. I’ve seen your work on youtube and “wow, thanks” is all I can say. The convenience and ease watching this show on youtube is amazing. Although I’d like to ask you to make a Dragon Warrior play-list. The current design makes it a chore to track down specific videos inside of a channel. Please make a play-list so I can know how far you’ve progressed also perhaps put up a torrent of the ones out so far in case youtube decides to cut the content.

  5. Thanks for the subs. I’ve also always wanted to finish this series. Always loved DQ and Toriyama. I especially adore this period of A. Toriyama’s art (the mid section between Dragonball and Z is what this looks like to me) where the characters are neither overly soft or hard around the edges.

  6. thanks for this fantastic subs. i really appreciate what your doing,,i’ve been waiting for this my entire life because i cant understand japanese.Thanks again. im hoping that you finish all of its episode with english subs at your you tube channel..thanks. if i can i would like to donate a small amount of money..

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Work is ongoing, and any progress is posted on the YouTube channel. As far as donations, you can press the donate button, on the right side of the page, near the bottom. I do not ask for donations, but any amount is greatly appreciated and all amounts go towards the continued work on any projects I have currently going on.

  7. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY YOU HAVE MADE ME!! I had all 13 US episodes on tape when it first came out and have always had a sick pit in my stomach that I could never find out what happened in the rest of the series. I found all the Japanese DVD rips about 5 years ago but of course I couldn’t follow what was going on because I don’t understand Japanese. You’re now making my dream a reality. I’m now caught up to episode 17 and anxiously awaiting episode 18. I’m begging you PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ON MAKING THE REST! A Paypal donation is on the way!

  8. Will you continue on Dragon Warrior and when it’s coming the next episode or would you send does previously from ANBU? Thanks for staying on this project so far as well

  9. I wanted to thank you for this amazing and rare release and to please ask you to upload the episodes that you have subbed already in a file-sharing host or a torrent so anyone can download them!! Will you please do it??

  10. It really seems that stopped… won’t blame you for not continuing or tried make something by yourself and respect as well the decision to drop. Just don’t quite understand what made you have this call

    1. I did not stop the series. It is just difficult to maintain when other commitments have more priority (such as paying the bills). I definitely want to finish and complete this series for all fans.

  11. Is there a certain amount of donations per episode that would persuade you to continue this sub project? How about if individuals sponsor an episode, and maybe they get a special thanks credit or something?

    1. While I will never ask for nor pander for donations they are always appreciated and accepted. However if you truly wished for your funds to go directly towards an episode I would not be opposed to this suggestion and I would definitely honor the commitment. I have several episodes on the backlog waiting simply because of other commitments, so it would definitely help. And giving a special credit and sponsorship message in the episode wouldn’t be a problem either.

  12. I’d like to chat a little further with you about this. Can you shoot me an email, or I followed you on Twitter yesterday if you want to follow me back and PM. Thanks.