Arenthia City Preview

What’s up everybody! I know we are behind schedule on Rangers of the Red: Journey to Valenwood but rest assured, it is strictly because we are knee deep in trying to make this a great mod. I am writing additional quest content and story content so that your adventure into Valenwood is more than just a mission. When I talk about story content, I’m talking about significant lore pieces and quests that intersect directly with Bosmer history and Valenwood. The experience in Valenwood must be as good as it looks. So, what you’re looking at up top is a glimpse/preview of Arenthia City. Once we’ve moved all the residence in and firmly planted their homes onto the tree, you will see it in engine and it will be the center piece of the next trailer! We’re hoping to release this trailer within the next week or so, and Rangers of the Red is on schedule for BETA release this month. Thanks for all your patience and consideration guys!

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15 thoughts on “Arenthia City Preview

    1. I apologize for the delay! As with most ambitious mods, speed bumps and glitches do happen and they need to addressed. Believe me I would’ve liked to release this when I had the first dialogue and 10 yards of forest but it would get us nowhere. I understand we’ve made a lot of assumptions about the release date and such but we just have to really be precise with everything before Beta release. And again, this is a whole new world (lol) and not some typical dungeon.

    1. This mod takes complete advantage of vanilla Skyrim. Thus, it does not need either DLC to work. The world space is completely on its own so it will not conflict with them either.

  1. I can’t belivive (spells) how cool you guys are! This mod is looking so great! And the Moonpath mod, is so cool soo! Hope to see some friendly woodelves! Thanks for
    Making this, can’t wait!

  2. Oh, tho it’s cool. But i also saw were releasing the beta mod for januar, but i can’t find it in nexus, or Steam? It’s not being a whiner, or anything, im just asking, big fan!

  3. Could you please NOT make it a steam game but a nexus or both cause for some reason my skyrim game isn’t steam and I’m a huge woodelf fan and I wanted to go to valemwood for a long time so please put it on the skyrim nexus