Rangers of the Red

Rangers of the Red is a [hiatus] mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim about the struggle between the fictional band of Bosmer and the Thalmor. The player would assume the role of the Dovahkiin as he happens upon Rangers who had been stranded. They reveal that they are Rangers of the Red, a rebel group that has been secretly laying the foundations necessary in order to overthrow the Thalmor and ultimately the Aldmeri Dominion. Upon learning of the Dovahkiin, they were sent on a mission to find him/her.

Upon accepting the quest, the player would embark on a journey to the region of Valenwood to meet the commander of the Rangers, Dragnir Tempest at a discreet location outside of Arenthia. From there the player would engage in clandestine missions to eventually liberate the region known as Reaper’s March.

  • Long single player quest chain
  • Side quests with opportunity to learn about Bosmer
  • A whole new sub region to explore


The mod is currently on hiatus due to other projects in the pipeline.

Level Design & Story
Pepito Go

Environment Artist
Iyan Laylor